Meanwhile, On The Internet…

November 17, 2012 12:00 am

I decided I should take a cue from pretty much every other blogger on the ‘net & do a post of cool shit elsewhere on the interwebs.

  • Twenty-five years after the original cartoon aired, the entire series is being released in a box set & Chris Jancelewicz at the Huffington Post has put together a great homage to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles complete with links to full-length videos of some of the best episodes. This cartoon literally changed my life back in the day! These dudes were responsible for the start of my 20+ year martial arts habit.
  • This photo by Leo Huang Photography in Southwest London of Lisa Williams of Polevocative dance studio is just stunning. You so rarely see pole performances with a man & a woman involved (well, besides girls being silly and smothering bachelors or bachelorettes with the usual body parts at celebrations).

I *know* I saw more cool shit this week… In the future, I will do a better job of keeping track so I can share.

Have a good weekend lovelies! I’m hoping hard for a profitable & injury-free 30 hours of work, and looking forward to dinner with old friends tonight. <3

  • Bre

    Thanks for the plug, lady <3